Fridays don’t get Breader than this!

We often get asked if we receive any support from local supermarkets, well the answer is yes! we get support and donations from Sainsburys, Morrisons give us donation points, and we collect end of day surplus from Marks and Spencer which is also being expanded to Lidl stores at the start of July!

That being said, we weren’t quite ‘bready’ for what we received this afternoon! Thanks to June and other store colleagues at ASDA Donnington wood, they have all put in a £donation and bought us 100 loaves of bread!!

They’ve really used their loaf on this one and we cannot wait to see what comes next!

ASDA town centre will soon also be launching the donation tokens that will be handed out at the checkouts to be put in to one of three slots to support a charity, one of which will be Telford Crisis Support! Our donation trolley can also be found as pictured!

Huge thank to everyone that continues to make a donation to the Foodbank! YOU are the heroes.

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