Telford Paddington

Hello Telford, we don’t have a Paddington Bear, but we have this little fellow if he’s looking a little forlorn at the moment it’s because he’s lost his suitcase, and he’s not alone in needing a replacement.

We are continuing to support those who were forced out of their homeland and find themselves in our community. If you want to help right now, we need suitcases, medium and large ones in good condition, please.

You can drop them directly to us in Sutton Hill from 9 to 5 Monday to Friday.

At this point in time no more clothing, bedding or toys are needed, thanks to the many kind and generous donations we have enough of these and will reach out if further help is needed.

If you wish to donate, monetary donations are the best, this will allow TCS and our partners to target specific items that are needed right now.

Thank you, Telford!

To make a monetary donation please click here