Doorstep Christmas Carols

We have been asked to help promote an event ‘Carols on the Doorstep’ which started in Shrewsbury and is looking as though it might have national traction, in the same way as ‘Clap for Carers’, raising money for Shrewsbury Food Hub, Shropshire Mind, Telford Crisis Support Network and Age Concern Telford & Wrekin.

The organisers (My Shrewsbury Magazine and Shropshire Festivals) are inviting people to stand on their doorsteps and sing together, in time to a backing track which will be broadcast by BBC Radio Shropshire – on Weds, Dec 16th from 6-7pm.

They will be putting words and sheet music on their website – and have asked us we can help encourage people to join in too (from their own doorsteps, in household bubbles only – no gatherings!) to help boost the atmosphere where you live and get friends and neighbours involved.

Please spread the word and share the flyer whenever you see it on social media!

Localgiving £1m fund!


From 10:00 on Tuesday 27th October 2020 until this fund runs out, donations will be matched in-line with the terms of the campaign below.

The £1m Coronavirus Fund will work in two stages:

Between 10:00 on 27th October 2020 and 09:59 on 3rd November 2020 each donor can have their donations matched up to £75 – a charity can benefit from an unlimited number of matched donations.

Between 10:00 on 3rd November 2020 and 12:00 on the 9th November 2020 each donor can have their donations matched up to £5,000 – a charity can benefit from an unlimited number of matched donations.

Please click the link below and help us to make a difference during this difficult time.

Wellington Rotary club support

The Rotary Club of Wellington (Shropshire) have been supporting Telford’s Foodbank ever since it began nearly 8 years ago.

We exist to make sure that no-one need go without the essentials they need to keep themselves and their families clean, clothed, warm, fed & healthy. 

The total overall contributions made by Wellington rotary since the start of lockdown comes to a total of £3373.50 plus £187.50 in food donations.

With extra financial support we are able to keep up with our PPE supplies to keep our team safe,  make the hub a safe space for visitors, keep our vehicles on the road and running costs of food storage and distribution just to name a few examples.

Since lockdown back in March our project has distributed 3044 food parcels, fed 6185 adults and children, and has provided over 55,665 meals.



Foodbank referrals increase for the first time since May

Telford Crisis Support Foodbank data for September showed an increase in demand for the first time since May 2020. 

The Foodbank gave out 300 food parcels on average in June, July & August as well as an average number of 5500 meals provided across the three previous months

However for September the 300 food parcel monthly average increased by 75 and meals provided increased to nearly 7000 which is an increase of 29%

In spite of the increase in referrals, the reasons behind those needing support has stayed the same. Our data shows more and more people claiming or making new claims for universal credit but are expressing a shortfall in benefits as their cause of crisis.

These are just a few examples of what may lead to a shortfall in Benefits..

  • Reduction now children have moved out
  • Repayments to landlord
  • Payment plan for arrears which is now too high to manage having lost employment
  • Tax credits stopped
  • Unexpected bills and school uniform costs

As we close in on the end of 2020 there are many factors that could cause a sudden spike in referrals such as increased unemployment, homelessness when/if the landlord eviction ban is lifted and the possibility of increased coronavirus cases leading to a local lockdown.

Advice and guidance for anyone struggling through this difficult time can found via Citizens Advice, Helping Hands out of Hardship, Mind for mental health support and Thrive Telford.

See below for further information

Foodbank freezers needed urgently!

Since 2015, to ensure a more balanced and varied food parcel package, we’ve been working with suppliers and supermarkets directly to take chilled food surplus. This food is often fresh meat, ready meals, etc but all with such short use-by dates, that it must be frozen as quickly as possible. 

We urgently need to replace our tired (one of which is now faulty and can’t be used) freezers with two brand new reliable appliances to keep up with our weekly collections to ensure the families and individuals we support can have fresh food in their fridges and freezers rather than just tins and packets.

Broken freezer!

We would like to use as they have the appliances we need in stock, and they can responsibly recycle our old units.

If you or your company can help, please give whatever you can!

Link to appeal here

Thank you

We would like to thank Phoenix Group in Telford for their support to the Foodbank and Baby Bank through this difficult time.

A £2300 donation was donated to welcome ReAssure colleagues to the Group. This donation will provide resources for both projects to ensure the needs of those in crisis in Telford and Wrekin are met as we head into the latter stages of what has been a challenging year for all