Christmas box deliveries

We’ve been busy over the last 3 days delivering Christmas boxes to homes all over Telford and Wrekin!

Here’s a list of the people we’d like to thank,

1. Bayfield Vehicle Hire Shropshire
2. Christmas goodies donated by YOU!
3. Boxes supplied by TSI Packing Telford
4. Labels supplied by Labfax Ltd
5. Trolleys from VA Tech
6. Fresh vegetables supplied by Sainsbury’s
7. Fresh chickens supplied by Avara foods

And last but not least Telford & Wrekin council for the building!

This a joint effort by so many different individuals and businesses across the community and we can’t thank you enough for your support this year!




We are asking politely that donations into our drop off points at Lawley Morrisons, Sainsburys and Asda town centre pause or are held back until January.

With limited volunteers and lack of space available, we’re working hard to process a months worth of donations received in just 2 weeks!

Thank you all for your support this year.

Merry Christmas!

International funding from HOWMET

Recognizing the tremendous impact that COVID-19 has placed on families, Howmet Fastening Systems (HFS) Telford, has donated $20,000 (£14,942) to Telford Crisis Support (TCS) through its annual Howmet Aerospace Foundation (HAF) funding.

We estimate that Howmet’s donation will enable approximately 10,500 additional meals to be distributed in the Telford & Wrekin area. HAF promotes equitable access and excellence in STEM and engineering education, and in training of the skilled trades. While the Foundation is funded and operated independently from Howmet, there is a
strong connection between the Foundation’s mission and the values of the Company and its employees.

This year, HAF allocated specific funds to support the local communities where the Company operates in.  

TCS provided 50,000 meals through emergency food parcels. TCS has recently expanded its services by creating a baby and toddler bank to provide families with “Moses baskets” filled with baby essentials and clothes for children up to the age of 5 years.

“People in need should not go without the basic essentials to keep themselves and their families
sheltered, fed, clean, clothed, warm and healthy,” said Jonathan Craven, Operations Director for HFS.

“Together with TCS we can make a difference in the community.”

This is a significant amount in the Telford area and due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, and as we enter the winter months, the donation and support will be greatly appreciated
by those in need.


The Howmet Fastening Systems’ product range offers the greatest breadth and depth of fastening solutions available including self-locking nuts, quick-release fasteners, draw latches, threaded inserts,
LockBolts and structural blind fasteners. With more than 5,200 employees in 29 locations around the
world, HFS deliver quality fastening solutions to many industries including Aerospace, Commercial
Transportation, Renewable Energy and Construction.

Howmet Aerospace Inc., headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, is a leading global provider of
advanced engineered solutions for the aerospace and transportation industries. The Company’s primary
businesses focus on jet engine components, aerospace fastening systems, and titanium structural parts
necessary for mission-critical performance and efficiency in aerospace and defence applications, as well
as forged wheels for commercial transportation.

Reverse advent calendar 2020


What is a reverse Advent calendar?

With a standard Advent calendar you open a window or door each day during the first 24 days of December.

A reverse Advent calendar is different in two very important ways. First, it switches it so that rather than taking something each day, you put something in. 

Secondly, We plan to use these boxes in January as it’s our toughest month of the calendar year. 

How to take part

It’s really easy and anyone can do it!

At it’s most basic, you just find a box or two and add your 24 items to it throughout the month. 

If you want to help more, it’s great to tell friends, family and colleagues you’re taking part.

The next level is to share your progress on social media (do use the hashtag #FoodbankAdvent).

Why put something in each day?

The Foodbank reverse advent campaign isn’t just about encouraging people to donate food to their local foodbank.

It’s also about raising awareness. First about food poverty, and second about how to help.

If you are sharing your progress each day throughout the month (on social media or just with friends), it helps keep the campaign in people’s minds – and hopefully encourages more people to join in.

Plus, it keeps the cause fresh in your own mind each day, rather than just a one-off gesture.

Practically, it’s probably easiest to buy items in one go or once a week rather than going to the shop every day – especially since the new lockdown measures encourage us to stay home more. But that shouldn’t stop you from following the reverse advent system.

We have put the times on the calendar as these are what are most commonly used meaning we’re always running out. We will post regular stock updates of what we need but we can assure you that we have a Foodbank backup unit that is full to the brim of Baked beans, Tinned tomatoes, Soup and pasta, so please consider the items that we have suggested.

You might want to add in a few equivalents for those with dietary requirements – just remember it needs a really good use by date.

Whilst we’re eternally grateful for everything that we receive, we can’t accept any home-made or half-open items and please remember our food parcels are planned around what meals are going to be eaten each day so we think twice before adding any unusual items such as olives or pickled beetroot!

You might want to include one or two festive items, but some of the food you donate might not be handed out until January. 

Click here to see our full reverse advent calendar items: