Foodbank freezers needed urgently!

Since 2015, to ensure a more balanced and varied food parcel package, we’ve been working with suppliers and supermarkets directly to take chilled food surplus. This food is often fresh meat, ready meals, etc but all with such short use-by dates, that it must be frozen as quickly as possible. 

We urgently need to replace our tired (one of which is now faulty and can’t be used) freezers with two brand new reliable appliances to keep up with our weekly collections to ensure the families and individuals we support can have fresh food in their fridges and freezers rather than just tins and packets.

Broken freezer!

We would like to use as they have the appliances we need in stock, and they can responsibly recycle our old units.

If you or your company can help, please give whatever you can!

Link to appeal here

Thank you

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