Win up to £25000!

The Telford and Wrekin Community launches today with the first draw happening THIS Saturday 28th July!

If you’ve not heard of this, Telford and Wrekin Community Lottery is an exciting weekly lottery that raises money for good causes in Telford and Wrekin. All good causes supported by the lottery will benefit Telford and Wrekin and its residents.

Play the lottery, support Telford and Wrekin – it’s that simple!

Tickets for the lottery cost just £1 per week. Each ticket has a 1 in 50 chance to win a prize each week, with a top prize of £25,000! That’s a better chance of winning than the National Lottery or the Health Lottery!

From every £1 ticket sold 60p will go to good causes in Telford and Wrekin! To put this in perspective when you play the National Lottery 28% goes to good causes – This lottery has more than DOUBLED the ticket percentage that goes to good causes.

You can choose which good cause gets 50p of the 60p (the remaining 10p will be distributed to other good causes).

If you want to play along, please support Telford Crisis Support by clicking the link to purchase your tickets from our page here..

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