World cup bingo

And just like that, the World Cup is over!
We think it’s been a fantastic tournament and we should all take our hats off to the England team for finishing 4th out of 32 teams!
If you’ve been playing along to the Foodbank bingooooooal…. your final boxes or collection should contain:
Tinned potatoes x 18
Shower gel x 7
Soap x 2
Vegetarian meals x 2
Tinned carrots x 6
Biscuits x 10
Jam x 2
Savoury snacks x 2
Cereal x 14
Pet food x 2
Deodorant x 5
Tins of fruit x 2
Long life milk x 6
Shampoo x 21
Toothbrush x 2
Nappies x 3
Tinned curry x 8
Toothpaste x 5
Hot Dogs x 2
Tinned Stew/Steak x 2
Pasta sauce x 2
Tins of Chilli x 3
Meatballs x 6
Custard x 3
Tinned peas x 16
Tinned pies x 16
Tuna x 5
Sugar x 2
Rice pudding x 2
Coffee x 9
Sweetcorn x 4
Instant noodles x 6
Please drop them off to us as soon as you can and please send us your pictures of your final boxes!
Vive la France!

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