Telford Christmas Support

Christmas is the perfect opportunity to get together with family, friends & loved-ones, spend time with each other & share the act of gift giving.

But 2 out of 5 people claim they feel pressured to spend more money than they can really afford over the Christmas period. Also, the fact that Christmas involves giving presents to everyone at the same time along with buying those little extras to put around the house, or on the dinner table, can make it hard to manage financially.

In 2017 we received over 100 referrals from social services, homeless charities, NHS, Schools just to name a few, to provide Christmas boxes for people in need.

Approximately half of the boxes were for single people, and half were for larger families.

If you’re on a low income it can affect every part of your life. Your physical and mental health suffers & if you have children, so do theirs.

wondering how you can make your money last long enough to feed yourself and your children, let alone buy them presents, the despair can be too much.

Our aim is to make sure that this Christmas, no one need go without the essentials they need to keep themselves and their families fed, clean, warm, clothed and healthy.

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