Telford Crisis Network

The Telford Crisis Network was established in November 2012 and includes local service providers from public, private and third sector organisations who have agreed to work cooperatively to provide a more efficient, effective and coordinated Network of Support Services for people in crisis in Telford & Wrekin.

We share a vision that

“No one in the borough of Telford and Wrekin should need to go without the basic essentials to keep themselves and their families sheltered, fed, clean, clothed, warm and healthy.”

We welcome Partners who would like to refer people for whom they care to receive support from other agencies across the Network and to access the provision made available by the community through Telford Crisis Support that includes food, clothing, bedding, crockery, cutlery and furniture for individuals who are in dire crisis and unable to provide for themselves or their family.

We welcome partnerships with private enterprise that can provide access to their knowledge and resources or who have an exciting or innovative idea to share. If you think your business could help in any way; please get in touch.

We welcome support from individuals who are able to donate a little money, provide a bit of food or volunteer some of their time to help and support their neighbours. The support we receive from the community is absolutely amazing and makes this whole project possible.

We believe that helping our neighbours in crisis benefits not only them and their families; but the community of Telford & Wrekin as a whole.

Within Telford Crisis Network there is a wealth of experience and understanding of the complex needs of individuals and families in acute financial crisis. Network agencies already provide a range of established and respected services including emergency food, emergency shelter, temporary accommodation and advice and support to resolve financial crises.

All of the Network agencies report a steadily increasing need over recent years and we share a concern that the current economic situation and impending changes in Welfare Benefits will cause further increases in the number of individuals and families in acute financial crisis.

Network Members believe that forward planning, preparation and collaboration are essential if we are to meet this growing need. We recognise that there are gaps in current service provision and that no single agency will be able to provide the breadth and range of support that will be required to resolve immediate crises and initiate longer-term solutions that will prevent a recurrence.

The Network Members believe that by working collaboratively we can deliver a more accessible, comprehensive, holistic, efficient and effective crisis response.

Find out how you can become part of that Network of Support.

Examples of current Network members include Telford & The Wrekin CAB, Maninplace, the KIP project, YMCA, British Red Cross, Stay, Telford & Wrekin Council,  Wrekin Housing Trust, Lyreco, TCAT, Dawley Christian Centre, Telford Christian Council, Madeley Parish Council, Stirchley & Brookside Parish Council, King Street Cafe in Wellington,  Bournville Village Trust, Sanctuary Housing and Bromford Housing.

The partnership is led by Telford & The Wrekin Citizens Advice and meets regularly to report progress against its business plan.

Their first priority has been to address the food poverty issues in the borough and in April 2013 it officially opened Telford Foodbank.

Telford Foodbank

In April 2013, Telford Crisis Network officially opened Telford Foodbank, to provide emergency food parcels to individuals and families in financial crisis.

The latest figures show that the Foodbank has provided just under 250,000 meals to adults and children since opening.

How does it work?

Food and other essential items are donated by the public, and emergency parcels are then sorted by volunteers and distributed to various collection points across the borough for people most in need.


Supporting the project

Local people have been very generous to date and local businesses have also been getting involved, including staff food donation campaigns, project support from Capgemini, resources from Lyreco and volunteer drives from NCS just to name a few.

The support has been great, but it is important that it can be sustained. Whether it is making a food donation, volunteering at the food bank or making monetary contributions – the choice is yours.

What to do if you need to apply for a food parcel?

If you or someone you know is in crisis, in desperate need of help and would like to request a food parcel, here’s what to do:

You can Telephone

You can call one of these two numbers and someone will go through the application with you:

  • Telford & Wrekin Council – 01952 380400
  • Citizens Advice Bureau Referral No. – 01952 567173

You’ll be taken through an application over the phone and, if we can help, you’ll be told where to go to collect your food parcel the following morning (Mondays through to Fridays) after 11 am.

Remember that a crisis can happen to anyone at any time and, if you are struggling, don’t be afraid to ask for help.

Participating Housing Providers
(if you’re a tenant)

If you’re a tenant of one of the following social landlords, you can visit your local support centre or shop to ask for help in applying for a food parcel, or you can call them on the ‘phone.

Your housing provider may be able to provide you with a great deal more support and go through various help options with you if you’re their tenant. Support is available if you are a tenant of one of the following:

  • The Wrekin Housing Trust – Money Matters Team 01952 217234
  • Bromford Support
  • Bournville Village Trust
  • Sanctuary Housing
  • Maninplace
  • Stay
  • KiP
  • YMCA