What difference does a year make?

We’re often asked when are the peak times of the year for Food parcel requests? 

Well we have provided a graph to give you a rough idea of how suddenly demand can change. For example in 2018 there was a big drop off in referrals from January to March with a gradual rise through until May. 


However looking at 2019, we saw a similar decrease but with a sudden spike in March. which is usually when we see our lowest food stocks and supplies.

The most notable change has been the increase in referrals between July and August in 2019. This leads to a higher number of food parcels being made per working day.

The referrals will only rise between now until Christmas so the Harvest festival donations are so important in the run up to the new year.

If you feel that you can help with food donations, volunteering or financial support please look at the get involved menu at the top of our website.


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